Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back to School 2013-2014

Back to school.  The yellow bus stopped by and whisked away the three little Weeds for another year of learning this morning.  This year, Alex is in 7th grade, Ethan is beginning middle school in 5th grade and Ashley is my only one left at the elementary school in 3rd grade.  It's an odd year.  7. 5. 3.

Although not one to tear up at the bus stop, I did swallow hard a couple of times this morning watching them all get everything together.  They all brushed their teeth without assistance.  They all poured their own juice and milk (although I tried to help).  They all got dressed completely on their own.  They all tied their own shoes, put together their own backpacks and walked without tears or trepidation to the bus stop and boarded the yellow bus without even a pause.  They've grown up so much.  So much!  Where do the years go?  We've all been told they fly by, they're gone before we know it, we'll miss those little years.  And it's true.  In a blink my crying baby is boarding a bus for 7th grade.  In a breath, my preemie is styling his hair to look good on the first day of middle school.  In a second, my tiny little girl is off to see what excitement awaits in third grade.  The days truly can be slow.  But the years.  The years fly!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Ethan + Camp =Best. Week. Of. My. Life.!

Actually those were the words shouted by Ethan as he ran to give me a hug at the conclusion of camp on Saturday morning.  He loved it!  Loved! It!    He loved his cabin, his counselors, his cabin mates, the food, the worship, the night games, the swimming and the boating.  He also loved the mini golf, the frisbee golf, the ga-ga ball, the chapel time, the soda fountain and the songs.  I think everything made the list of favorite parts.  I couldn't be happier.

You see, several years ago we tried summer camp for Ethan at the different summer camp.  The results were not as stellar.  In fact, he might tell you that was the worst week of his life.  Hated. Every. Second.  Homesickness was just too overwhelming and he just didn't enjoy the activities as a result.  We figured if we gave him a couple of years, he'd not be as homesick and would be able to just have a great time.  And he did!  Yahoo!

Here's a picture of his cabin
 He was a Cougar.  Very fitting.  With two parents who are Cougs and being born on the Washington State University Campus, it seems logical!  That's him over on the far right, front row.  Sweeeeetttt outfit, you say?  Indeed.  And given that it's not the one we dropped him off it, it proves he actually changed his clothes (at least once) during the week.  Success! Those are his counselors on the top far right and top far left.  Yes, they do look 12.  That's how you know you're getting old (well, that and the wrinkles).  When you hand over your ten year old to the care of kids who look to be young enough to be your own.  

I think we'll be repeat campers next year.  Although I think everyone will go the same week, for the same amount of time.  Then, we'll have a little stay-cation while the kids are away!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Camp+Ashley= Best Time Ever!

This was a very exciting week for us.  Ashley, 8, headed off to summer camp for the very first time!  Having just completed second grade she did a short 3 night version.  We dropped her off on Sunday with absolutely no drama.  Kind of a "bye, Mom & Dad.  You can go now" moment.
Ashley's our social one.  Thrives in crowds.  Loves lots of people around.  Lives for friends, friends and more friends.  We knew she'd be just fine.
And she was.  She made about 75 new best friend.  And had to hug nearly everyone of them before we left yesterday.  She found a new candy at the canteen that rocked her little 8 year old world.  Although she couldn't remember the name of it.  I told her my favorite from the canteen was the Whachamacallit. Remember those?  Delicious.

Here's a picture of her cabin on the last day.  With all the paparazzi (errrr  I mean parents) trying to get the shot, I didn't quite get an everyone-look-at-me moment.  But I think it's pretty good.

That's Ash on the right, second to the end.  Her friend from town is on the end.  Great to have a friend already when you get there.

As you can see my instructions to keep your hair pulled back fell on deaf ears, but after a thorough inspection last night I think she is tick free. (touch wood)

Her favorite part of camp (besides the unending socializing) were the songs.  Silly songs are what camp is all about.  The kids performed a few for us.  Most I didn't recognize a few I did (Pharaoh, Pharaoh, oooooooo, let me people go!)  She and her friend sang several on the way home.  All a little Biblical and a lot of fun!

And she memorized three Bible verses while she was there.  Three in three days.  Puts me to shame.  It makes this mamma's heart a little fluttery to know that she has tucked three really great verses away in her heart to be used whenever she needs them.

Camp was a huge success.  Huge.  She really wants to go back!  Next year.  next year.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Movie Review

Allow me to preface this post first by saying that I really should not be a movie critic.  I HATE movies.  I don't like going to the theater, I don't like watching pay-per-view, I would rather do just about anything other than sitting down to watch a dvd.  In fact, my general rule is unless I'm trapped on an intercontinental flight with absolutely nothing to kill the time, I don't watch movies.  My mind always wanders to the fifty other things I'd rather be doing.  And then I get irritated because, let's be honest, movies are rather predictable.  Give me the beginning 15 minutes.  Give me the last 15 minutes.  The middle hour is just filler.  I can do quite a lot in an hour besides sitting watching filler.  All this to say, take what you will from my review.  It's HIGHLY biased.  Along the line that I don't like any movies!  Ever!

Alex, my favorite 13 year old, and I had the rare opportunity to go to the movies just the two of us.  I can hear you asking "why, Kim, would you go to a movie?  Being that you hate them so very much!" It's for the kids.  Always sacrificing for the kids.  And how can I complain with quality time with my teenager?  His idea - not going to turn that down, even if I hate movies.

We saw Superman.  I know it's not called Superman.  They've fancied up the title.  But it's Superman.  They fancied up his costume and cape and boots too.  Glittery now.  But it's still Superman.

As usual the first 15 minutes were fairly enjoyable.  Except for the annoying shake on the camera.  For a few minutes I thought it was the projector - like it was trying to track.  But being that it's not 1993 anymore and they use digital projectors, I decided that wasn't the problem.  Then I went through this weird "I think I might be sick if this doesn't stop bouncing".  I could not focus.  I realized that in the scene there were explosions happening everywhere so I am thinking that it was a fancy cinematography trick to make us feel like we were a part of the action.  Whatever it was, I dislike movies a lot.  And I really dislike movies that make me feel nauseous.

That finally stopped and then we got into the middle.  Unfortunately the middle was about 2 hours long.  At least one hour longer than my middle section attention span.  So I did what every mom would do - I glanced over at my kid who was enjoying every moment and I stole a few of his Mike & Ikes.  (please do not lecture me about allowing my braces-wearing teen to eat sticky, sugar, sweet candies.  With popcorn strictly forbidden after an incident - candy's ok with me)

The end was torture.  T.O.R.T.U.R.E.  I realize this was a to-the-death battle movie, but by the third round of buildings collapsing and people being thrown through trains and diners I really didn't care who died to end the movie as long as it ended. Sorry, Superman, but if what's-his-name bad guy has to take you down to end the apocalypse, then so be it.  Again I looked to my left at that teen I love sitting on the edge of his seat, feeling every blow and clearly cheering on Superman to defeat the bad guy (whatever his name was) and I smiled (and stole another Mike & Ike).

I wouldn't give the movie any stars.  Well, maybe one.  I did like the flashback scenes with Kevin Costner (a star of another loooooonnnnngggg movie that I sat through in the theater on a horrible date...perhaps related to my hatred of movies) and I love Laurence Fishburne.  That voice.

I realize it's number one in the world right now or at least that's what WB is claiming.  But I just am not that excited.  But then again, I'm never really excited for a movie.  But an outing with my kid...I'll suffer through a movie to steal his Mike & Ikes!

Monday, June 17, 2013

long break - ended

To say it's been a while would be a colossal understatement.  A 19 month hiatus is hardly a quick little break.  But, alas, I am back on the blogging scene.  After dipping my toes in the twitter waters, swimming in the sea of facebook status updates and pinning every cute and crafty thing on Pinterest, I have returned to my first online social network love...the blog.  Feel free to follow me on Twitter &/or Facebook &/or Pinterest.  But be warned...addiction comes quickly & oh, so easily.

So, 19 months.  A lot has happened in 19 months.  I now have a 13 year old, a 10 year old and an 8 year old.  Here they are on spring vacation this year in Costa Rica.  Ridiculously adorable, I know.

I'm still married to the most amazing guy I know! He loves us all well, loves Jesus more & keeps us well fed.  Here we are in the autumn of 2012.  We just celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary last month, in Knoxville, TN with our 10 year old, in a dorm room with community bathrooms.  (It's a long story for another day.)  

We added a puppy to our home in December 2011.  Orvis the Schnoodle became a part of the family instantly & is probably the best dog ever.  Here he is.  Also ridiculously adorable!

And then there's what we lovingly refer to as "the property".  In October of 2011 (just before my blogging hiatus) we purchased a piece of ground.  It's a total of 10 acres just east of our tiny town.  Since its purchase it has been our playground.  We shoot and hunt and drive go carts there.  We have wandered every inch and inspected every tree and every dropping (what is it exactly about kids and poop?!)  But at last we're ready to settle. And now I'm nearly buried alive in floor plans, site surveys & septic requirements.  We've picked a builder and we're closing in on a floor plan and house placement.  My Houzz & Pinterest boards are getting full!  About 9 months from now we should be all set to move in (pending any drama on the construction side or in the sale of our existing house)   It's quite an adventure for this family that's moved 8 times in just 16 years!  And it's wonderfully exciting and nauseatingly scary all at the same time.  But somehow this will one day be home - Weed Acres!

So this is what's new.  It's funny, life just kept ticking along.  Moment after moment after moment.   Some moments interesting.  Some difficult.  Most just mundane.  Kids grow and wrinkles appear and days and weeks and months tick by.  Life happens.